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New! Self-serve waitlist sign-up!

If you missed the deadline to purchase a W Club exclusive or want extras, adding your name to the waitlist for that special doll is the best way to let us know that you are interested! Once those who pre-ordered have had a fair chance to pay the balance on their doll, we will contact you should we have a doll available for you! It's that simple!

Based on the ever-growing popularity of W Club exclusives, we've created this useful self-serve, "one-stop shop" page that will give all members the most up-to-date arrival information that we have and a convenient way to signup for the various waitlists that we have available at any given time without having to contact the liaisons!

Waitlist Guidelines and Rules


1. No guarantees: Adding your name to a waitlist does not constitute a guarantee that we will have a doll for you. We will only contact you should dolls become available once those who pre-ordered have had a fair chance to come through with their payments.

2. For exclusives: Only W Club exclusive dolls have waitlists. WE DO NOT KEEP WAITLISTS FOR LOTTERY OR DEALER ONLY DOLLS AT ANY TIME!

3. Do not add your name unless necessary: Waitlists are only for those who missed a pre-order or want additional dolls. If you pre-ordered and don't want a second doll, you DO NOT need to add your name to any of the lists. If you are not certain if you pre-ordered a doll or not, visit "MY ACCOUNT" in the IT Direct shopping cart and look at your order history first.

4. First-come, first-served: If we have dolls to offer, we will always reach out to members on the waitlist in the order that their name was added to the list, so please make sure that you add your name in as early as possible if you are interested; this is your best way to increase your chance to get the doll of your choice.

5. When can I expect to be contacted? Look in the description below each doll; the estimated arrival and waitlist contact times are clearly indicated. If you add your name to any of the waitlists, should a doll become available, that's the approximate timeframe that you can expect an email from the Liaisons with an offer.

6. How do I know if a waitlist is open or closed? A "Waitlist Closed" message will appear under the doll's photo once the waitlist is no longer available. Once the doll is sold out, it will be listed as such at the bottom of the page.

7. I want more than one doll: If you want more than one doll, please enter the quantity you'd like to get in the appropriate field. If you asked for more than one, please note that we cannot guarantee that we will have multiples for you. If a doll becomes available for you and you are contacted, you will have to abide by the quantity mentioned in the email offer.

8. Taking the waitlists seriously: If you have no real intention to come through with payment should a doll become available, we respectfully request that you DO NOT sign up for a waitlist. Please understand that this bogs down our lists and creates unnecessary delays for everyone (members and staff alike).

Signup Instructions

1. To sign up for any of the waitlists below (if available only), simply enter the email that you used to register for the 2019 W Club, your first and last name, the amount of that particular doll that you would like and then click submit.

2. You will need to do this for each of the waitlists that you are interested in.

3. The email that you enter MUST BE the exact same as the one that we have on file for your 2019 membership or when the time comes, your request will be ignored.

2019 W Club Exclusives*
(*Listed in shipping order)


Adding your name to a waitlist does not constitute a guarantee that we will have a doll for you. We will only contact you should dolls become available once those who pre-ordered have had a fair chance to come through with their payments.

female Icon Dasha Midnight Decadence Poppy

Gardens Of Versailles Poppy


-Bossa Nova Beauty Poppy Parker 2019 Upgrade Doll
-French Kiss Vanessa Perrin 2019 Upgrade Doll
-Level of Suspense Lukas Maverick 2019 Upgrade Doll


Please note that other than the waitlisted dolls above, all other W Club Exclusives should be considered sold out, including:

-Faces of Adele + Body Pack
-Fame and Fortune Vanessa
-2018 Upgrade Eugenia Perrin
-2018 Upgrade Rayna Ahmadi
-2018 Upgrade Poppy Parker
-Passion Week Elyse Jolie
-Fabulous Life Rayna
-Reliable Source Eden Blair
-Unknown Source Lilith Blair
-Split Decision Poppy Parker Gift Set
-Devotion Agnes Von Weiss Special Event Doll
-Looks-A-Plenty Poppy Parker Gift Set
-Looks-A-Plenty Poppy Parker bodypack
-Divinely Luminous Elyse Jolie
-Secret Garden Eugenia Perrin-Frost


Do not contact us to request a doll once it has been marked sold out; we will not be able to help you out and those emails may be ignored.

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